Dental Examinations

Conebeam CT

Conebeam CT technology produces ultra low dose three-dimensional imaging. The region of interest can be studied from many angles, by rotating the beam around the targeted region and creating an image every few degrees. Dental Conebeam CT scanning has a wide range of uses in oral and maxillofacial surgery, orthodontic surgery, restorative work and implant planning.

OPG / Anterior and Lateral Cephalogram

An OPG, which stands for Orthopantogram, is an x-ray which gives a panoramic view of the mandible, jaw and teeth. The x-ray tube moves around the head, the x-ray film moves in the opposite direction behind your head. This generates an image slice where the mandible and teeth are in focus, and the other structures are blurred. Anterior and Lateral Cephalogram is the measurement of the skull or bones of the head and face, in order to study its growth and relative size to surrounding anatomical structure. This can be performed in 2 planes which are 90 degrees to each other. This x-ray is often performed with an OPG.