At Quantum Radiology we have invested in advanced DEXA scanning equipment. We offer research grade image resolution and precision, coupled with innovation to cater not only for today’s needs but also your future needs via our enduring platform.

What is DEXA?

Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DEXA) is a means of measuring bone mineral density (BMD). DEXA is the most widely used and most thoroughly studied bone density measurement technology. The DEXA scan is typically used to diagnose and follow osteoporosis.

Is there any Preparation Involved?

There is no special preparation required for DEXA scans. Upon arrival you may be asked by the radiographer to change into a gown before your examination. You may also be asked to remove jewellery, eyeglasses, or any metal objects that may obscure the images.

Your Safety

You will be exposed to a very small amount of radiation when you receive a DEXA scan. At Quantum Radiology, we use the most advanced DEXA scanning equipment to ensure you are exposed to the minimum amount of radiation needed to obtain adequate images.

If you are pregnant or suspect that you may be, please advise our staff before the test is performed, as special precautions may have to be taken.

DEXA Medicare Criteria

When there is no claimable item number, a private fee applies.
(ITEM 12306) 1 scan under Medicare in 24 months

Fracture: Fracture after minimal trauma
Compression fractures
20% loss of vertebral height

Osteoporosis: Must be proven by previous BMD (DEXA or CT)
(ITEM 12312) 1 scan under Medicare in 12 months
Prolonged glucocorticoid therapy (prednisone, cortisone & asthma medications

Predisone: 7.5mg per day ≥ 4 months
It is acceptable if the dose is lowered (ie. 50mg to 5mg over severalyrs

Cortisone: 7.5mg per day for anticipated period ≥ 4 months
Not periodic injections or cream

Inhaled Asthma Medication: daily dose ≥ 800mcg per inhalation
Seretide (50/100, 50/250, 50/500)

Cushing’s Syndrome: Excessive production rate of cortisol
Must be clinically proven

Male hypogonadism: Must be clinically proven (ie. blood test)
Serum testosterone levels below that age matched normal range

Amenorrhea: Serum oestrogen levels below the age matched normal range
Ovarian failure
Must have ceased periods ≥ 6 months before aged 45 years

Hysterectomy: Before aged 45 years
Must have both ovaries removed
If not, must have menopause symptoms (ie. hot flushes) before 45

Oopherectomy: Removal of ovary
Must have both removed before age 45

Prostate Ca Therapy: Zolodex (male hormone suppression)
(ITEM 12315) 1 scan under Medicare in 24 months

Primary hyperparathyroidism: Overactive parathyroid glands
Must be clinically proven

Chronic liver disease: Chronic liver function impairment
Must be clinically proven

Proven malabsorption disorders: Chronic diarrhoea
Chrohn’s Disease
Coeliac Disease
Vitamin D Deficiency
Ulcerative Colitis

Chronic renal disease: Must be clinically proven

Hyperthyroidism: Overactive thyroid gland
Must be clinically proven
Can claim even if hypothyroidism results from treatment

Rheumatoid arthritis: Many patients call arthritis rheumatoid (not osteoarthritis
Usually the doctor writes RA or the item number on request
(ITEM 12321) 1 scan under Medicare in 12 months

Osteoporosis medications:
Hormone Replacement Therapy

Change in therapy: Must have proven osteoporosis by DEXA or CT BMD
Diagnosis must be more than 12 months ago
A change in medication must have been made then
Patient must be over 70 years of age. Any clinical indications will be covered under Medicare. No time restrictions between scans.
All Medicare eligible examinations and procedures are Bulk Billed