Exclusive to Quantum Radiology

A new exclusive Scintographic Reflux Study using a Nuclear Medicine scanner is available at Quantum Radiology at our Bankstown and Penrith locations. This study relevant for pharyngeal contamination and aspiration in patients with gastroesophageal reflux disease.

This is a bulk billed study for individuals who suffer from Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GORD). GORD is usually misdiagnosed as the symptoms overlap with other illnesses or the reflux itself may be not noticeable or asymptomatic altogether. This study is applicable for patients suffering from an unexplained cough, unresponsive adult-onset asthma, recurrent bronchitis/pneumonia, recurrent sinusitis and middle ear infections (particularly post sinus surgery), one sided tooth decay and voice hoarseness/deterioration. Patients who present with GORD often present with sleeping abnormalities including sleep apnoea and respiratory arrest during rest/lying position.

The study will assist in diagnosing the effects of GORD whereby the patient swallows 50 mL of water with a small dose of Technetium and flushes the mouth with another 50mL of water to clear the mouth of tracer. Dynamic images are taken of the neck to upper abdomen in the upright and supine position with the gamma camera. This is then analysed with special software to indicate the frequency and amplitude of reflux for the upper oesophagus and pharynx/ laryngopharynx.

LPR Supporting Research

31% Laryngopharyngeal reflux patients presented with pharyngeal contamination
23% Laryngopharyngeal reflux patients presented with lung aspiration

GORD Supporting Research

61% Gastroesophageal reflux patients presented with pharyngeal contamination
14% Gastroesophageal reflux patients presented with pulmonary aspiration

Further Information

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